And it came to pass that on the third day of her self-infliction Roberta considered cheating. Thus, George Fox and the mirror came to mind. Not at the same time. Roberta is fairly certain that GF and mirrors were things of rare coincidence unless mentioned in conjunction with clanging cymbals.

George Fox journalled, ‘I was under great temptations sometimes, and my inward sufferings were heavy’.  Doing sums isn’t Roberta’s forte but even she can manage this one. Cheating = Heavy Inward Sufferings.

And Roberta said unto herself, look about you. And her eyes lighted on a mirror, a mirror that has caused her many times to wish it elsewhere except for the beauty of its walnut and usefulness of its two small drawers wherein tooth floss and matches dwell.  But its capacity for catching and throwing back images she could do without.  

And thus, she sacrificed a scarf. The one she bought from a charity shop for a reason she can’t remember. Its pink clashes with the room’s lilac curtains and red towels but its drape is opaque and doesn’t interfere with the drawers’ usefulness.

Verily, nobody needs a mirror opposite the bath.


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