Let’s blame George Mahood. I’ve just finished reading several of his self-published books which I enjoyed greatly. Not only were they enjoyable but inspirational too, especially ‘Life’s a Beach’ which reminded me that the more you pack into a day, the fuller life becomes. Wisdom might come with age but so does apathy. It’s become far too easy to slump into my armchair after lunch and stay there.

It can’t go on. Every afternoon I need to DO SOMETHING. Whatever it is doesn’t have to be extraordinary but it does have to have scope for creativity and surprise. And to get a few of those I’ll-get-round-to-that-one-day jobs done. Okay, the things I’ve come up with might appear boring – but it will be my response to ‘Do something with a stepladder’ that matters. Perhaps I won’t do that one on a vertigo day.

So here we are, Day 1. What did I do? Well, I wrote this blog and I scribbled actions on 36 pieces of paper ready to pull one of them out of a hat (well, a vase) tomorrow. What excitement!


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